Quality policy

Quality policy

At MEGO we perceive “QUALITY” as “the set of specifications of a product/service that influences and determines our ability to fulfil and overcome the Costumers needs, demands and expectations”.

To acknowledge “QUALITY” as a critical competitive factor to strengthen our medium and long-term market positioning, having as a goal the supply of moulds and accessories, with a sustainable economic cost that our Costumers associate with an image of excellence.

The management purpose is to make QUALITY the key element on the company culture.

Therefore, Intermolde sustains its Quality Policy on the following principles,

1.   Strategies settings, investment efforts and productive process optimization directed to the growing satisfaction of Costumer’s demands and expectations;

2.   To rely on a continuous dialogue with Suppliers, demanding the strict compliance of the acquired raw materials, components and services specifications;

3.   To supply products to different Costumers that comply with their mandatory specifications on the right time and place;

4.   Providing new equipment’s or new manufacturing and quality control processes to improve the QUALITY of the manufactured products.

5.   Investing in our Human Resources to guarantee its qualification, motivation and sensitivity to the importance of QUALITY and also to the required high levels of productivity. This level of productivity must go hand to hand with the QUALITY of the product and services provided as well as with the image of the Company and his position on the market;

6.   Commitment with the compliance of the specifications;

7.   Investment on the continuous improvement.